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Revolutionary War Regiments

  • 2nd South Carolina Regiment

  • 3rd Continental Dragoons

  • New Jersey Light Infantry

  • Kingsbury Artillery

  • 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers

  • Hess-Kassel Jager Korps

  • Queen's Rangers Highland Company

World War II Regiments

  • 508 HQ  82nd Airborne

  • C Company  505 Parachute Infantry Regiment

  • 17th SS

  • 5th  SS

  • Fallschirmjager Regiment 15 of the 5th Fallschirmjager

  • Old Hickory Association - 30th Division

  • 1st Infantry Division


20th and 21st Century Military Vehicles

Military Vehicle Collectors of South Carolina

Colonial Field

  • Omnitracks Fur Trader, Bobby Blackwell

  • Phil Gilson - Colonial Glassblower

  • 18th Century General Store- Ranger Reproductions

  • Blacksmith - Keith Philips

  • Musket  Maker​ - Dale Smith

  • Fletcher Moon and the Colonial Culture of Libations
  • Carrot Patch Farms - Wool Products

  • Pepe's Possibilities - 

  • Carolina Thunder Mugs - 18th Century Music

  • Soap and candle maker - Keith Gunter


   Durant Ashmore - "The Escape of Henry Durant" from Banastre Tarleton

    WWI General Pershing

  • George Patton Waters - Grandson of General George Patton

  • Francis Marion - Question and answer session

  • WWII Warbird Flyover - Bobby Jonte

  • WWI Biplane Display

*Schedule, regiments and sutlers are subject to change. 

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