Revolutionary War Regiments

  • 2nd South Carolina Regiment

  • 2nd North Carolina Regiment

  • 3rd Continental Dragoons

  • 6th North Carolina Regiment

  • Kingsbury Artillery

  • Major Cochrane's Battalion British Legion

  • 33rd  Royal Regiment of Foot

  • Rep of Washington's Regiment of NC Militia

  • Representative of Delaware's Light Infantry

  • 1st Hamilton Legion

  • Camden Artillery

  • Piedmont Partisons

World War II Regiments

  • H Company Parachute Infantry Regiment

  • C Company Parachute Infantry Regiment

  • The 82nd Airborne

  • Headquarters of the 101st Airborne

  • The 307th Medical Battalion

  • The 307th Engineer Battalion of the Allieds

  • Fallschirmjager Regiment 15 of the 5th Fallschirmjager Division.


 20th and 21st Century Military Vehicles

Military Vehicle Collectors of South Carolina

Colonial Village

  • Omnitracks Fur Trader, Bobby Blackwell

  • 18th Century General Store- Ranger Reproductions

  • Blacksmith - Joe Marsh

  • Musket  Maker​ - Bob Hill

  • South Carolina Pottery - Ding Delinger

  • Historic Architectural Restoration - Thomas Haas

  • Soap and candle maker - Keith Gunter


  • Ed Forte "Birth of the Marines" and "Siege of Fort Watson"

  • John Miles, Speaker - Francis Marion & South Carolina's involvment in the Revolutionary War

  •  Fletcher Moon and the Culture of Beer

  • Rick Wise, Camden  Educator - "The Bridges Campaign"

Schedule, regiments and sutlers are subject to change. 

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