The second annual American Heritage Festival will be held Friday, December 2nd-4th, 2016.  The American Heritage Festival is a living history showcase of Colonial South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War.  Battle re-enactment will take place with 12 different Revolutionary War regiments participating from the east coast.  Historical speakers, demonstrations, British and Continental encampments, and a colonial village will be on display. The festival is being held on Graham's historic farm 843 McCutcheon Rd. Lake City, SC.  The farm and the surrounding farmers of this Pee Dee area were used by Francis Marion as a place of refuge from the incessant search for him and his men by "The Butcher" British Colonel, Banastre Tareton.  This historic area also provided Marion supplies, militia, horses and refuge.  After the Battle of Tearcoat, Marion's Regiment came to the farm with British prisoners on their way to General Harrington in Cheraw. It was also used as a staging area for attacks on Georgetown, which was under British control.


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