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February 2nd - 3rd, 2019

The 2nd South Carolina Regiment and 3rd Continental Light Dragoons are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the 4th Annual American Heritage Festival Revolutionary War Reenactment, on February 2-3, 2019, at Graham's Historic Farm near Lake City, SC. Watch the reenactments, visit the merchants, and celebrate our history!

Come to Graham's Historic Farm, where Francis Marion's brigade staged attacks, brought British prisoners, and hid from Lord Tarleton. See how Marion earned his legendary name the "Swamp Fox." Enjoy the Patriot Games which includes a hatchet throwing contest, apple pendulum bayonet charge, skillet toss contest. Watch live battle reenactments. Join in on colonial cricket pickup games. See the British and colonial encampments. Dance to the music and listen to Rebecca Motte recollect the Battle of Fort Motte. Torch walk and Night of Lights display are on Saturday night.

The 2nd South Carolina regiment dragoons at American Heritage Festival

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